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Typhoon Glenda in Albay

Tuesday afternoon - classes were suspended, I went home straightaway. The weather seemed fine that day, there wasn’t any sign of a bad weather or something, it wasn’t even cloudy. Anyway, when I arrived home, mom wasn’t there. I decided to rest first and catch up with her later because she’s at my tita’s house. We went to a party and went home around 10PM, still, no signs of Glenda.

I slept early that night, I woke up around 6am the next day with strong winds and heavy rains already being felt. Mom told me to pack up all my things. We evacuated to my tita’s house for the threat of flash flood. Signals and electricity were cut around 7PM. It was such a bad typhoon. We can hear metals, aluminum etc being rampaged by the heavy winds, we peeked through the window but there wasn’t anything to watch because of the zero visibility caused by the heavy winds.We can hear it hissing and it was very painful to hear. We couldn’t bear to sleep because the winds were still very strong around 10PM. I finally fell asleep idk how. I woke up 5:30AM and a smile touched my lips because the sun was already shining. The winds and rains have stopped. 

No electricity and signal for idk till when. Still thankful because we were all safe, my bro and sis who are both in Manila are safe, thank you. My mom and I are safe, also we’ve already cleaned up the mess..Zero casualty in Albay.. Let’s all go back to business! :)

National Blood Month 2014

  • Parade from Rotonda to Ibalong Centrum for Recreational Arts
  • Mass @ ICR
  • Opening program
  • Blood letting

July 11, 2014 - Legazpi City celebrating the National Blood Month headed by DOH, in cooperation with the different local government agencies in Legazpi City - PNP, BFP, BJMP, Coastguard, Navforsol, Arescom, APHO, and with the different colleges and universities -  Bicol University, Ago Medical and Educational Center, Aquinas University, Divine College, Don Bosco, Forbes, Mariners and different fraternities and other non-government organizations. With the support given by the Local Government Unit of Legazpi headed by Mayor Rosal, the event was held successfully and peacefully. This month’s celebration emphasizes the importance of donating blood and encourages every capable individual to donate blood and save lives. 

I thought that the parade and the event was just a hoax lol bec nobody from our class seemed to care. I was surprised because my classmates arrived earlier than I did. Our call time was 6AM, I went to school around 6:30AM. It was a beautiful day, thank God. We were all happy because we got lots of balloons to play with (anyway, we were awarded as the Most Colorful Delegate). After the parade, a mass was held at the ICR, followed by the opening program. After that, the blood letting began. We were originally told to just observe the blood donation process but then, they allowed us to assist and handle some donors (yeah!). It was a great experience. We were able to apply everything we learned at school, I mean, it’s really a different thing when you’re outside the four corners of your classroom — dealing with real patients and facing real life situations - when mistakes aren’t very much allowed. I admit that I felt a lot of pressure when I was about to stick the needle (gosh it was so huge, 16G, imagine a zest-o straw!), what if I fail? What if I don’t hit the vein? Lol. Aside from hurting the patient, the blood bag will be discarded. Fortunately, everything went well. We were so lucky to be given a chance to observe and assist. I am now starting to imagine myself doing the real work. Hehe. I am so happy. Being in the medical field is so fun! :)

"The Anatomy of an Albayano"

f/5.6 1/50s ISO-3200

"D r a g o n f l y"Family GomphidaeAnisogomphus maacki
"Macro photography is a skill you develop, and you develop it with patience." -Rick Leider

"D r a g o n f l y"
Family Gomphidae
Anisogomphus maacki

"Macro photography is a skill you develop, and you develop it with patience." -Rick Leider


Grab a copy by simply reblogging this post! Lol. Chos lang! :D

Since I got all my books for free, I am going to give short reviews of the books I have. I believe that these books are essential for us to pass our subjects and most importantly the Medtech board. 

1. Clinical Chemistry by Michael Bishop 7/e (Php 898.00) - A MUST BUY book. You will use it in CC1, CC2, and CC3. Everything you need to learn in CC is in Bishop. It has very good discussions especially in Endocrinology. It thoroughly discusses everything - Blood Chem, Enzymology, Endocrinology. It also discusses the diseases associated with it. I have the 6th ed, the one with red cover. One thing - the paper is not of top quality. Medyo pangit, maitim, madilim. Hahaha

2. Henry’s (Php 4,295.00) - IDEAL TO HAVE. I guess Henry’s will be very useful during the review for the Medtech board. I got my Henry’s when I was a 2nd year BSMT. I tried reading it but I couldn’t understand a thing. Lol. When I took up 3rd year subjects and read other references, I then tried reading Henry’s, that was the time I started appreciating Henry’s. If I were you, try knowing the basics first - like reading Bishop first before reading Henry’s. Henry’s covers all MT subjects - CC, Hema, ISBB, AUB, MICROBIO (Bacte, Para, Myco Viro), HISTOPATH, etc. More on lab perspective. Has nice and colorful pictures. :) Back part has very helpful summary of reference ranges. 

3. IMMUNOLOGY by Turgeon (Php 745.00) - very superficial discussions. I don’t like it much, I am a bit confused with the arrangement of discussions. I should’ve chosen Stevens. But I will try to read it, I think it has interesting discussions on diseases.

4. DIAGNOSTIC MICROBIO by BAILEY & SCOTT (Php 1,298.00) - Great book! Although I haven’t thoroughly read it yet (I just had a sneak peek, I didn’t have it yet, I’ll have it soon yey!)— but I think it is a very helpful reference book in Microbio especially in Bacte. The approach of the discussions are easy to understand and interesting to read.

5. Markell and Voge’s MEDICAL PARASITOLOGY (Php 598.00) - Everything you need to know in Para is in here. It thoroughly discusses the parasites’ life cycles and the epidemiology of the diseases caused by the parasites. It has helpful diagrams on the life cycles of parasites. A table of summary is provided at the end of every chapter which I think is very helpful when reviewing.

6. BURTON’S MICROBIOLOGY (Php 598.00) -  helpful for high school students. Hehe. Very brief and superficial discussions. Although it covers Bacte, Para, Myco and Viro, it doesn’t dig deeper to the topics. The discussions are very basic. Not very much of need. I prefer Bailey and Scott’s Microbio.

I will try to post reviews on other books - Harmening, AUB, etc. I will, next time. I hope other MTs will give some time to add more to what I have said. I couldn’t read those books from cover to cover so dagdagan nyo naman please? :)

*PS: All books are exclusively published and/or distributed by C&E Publishing Inc. :D

Wala po akong tumblr :( pero once na na approved na po, I'll make sure na makikita mo yung finish product :D ano po ba Fonts na ginamit mo? para maayos ko po tsaka for Credits :)

Arial lang. :) Ah yeah sure. Update mo na lang ako. Thank you for appreciating my work. :)))

Tara let’s shoot! 

I am doing freelance works so… If you’re interested, you can contact 09099294813. Thanks! :)

I really need to save money for my internship this coming October. Huhu

ALBAY area. :D

Hi po! Pwede po ba gamitin yung shirt design mo na medtech shirt para sa batch shirt namin? If you don't mind po tsaka lalagyan ko naman po ng credits or name mo. Thank you po! :)

Sure anon! My pleasure. :) Pakilala ka sakin. Hahaha!

How are you today? Sat Jun 14 2014 12:25:25

Hi Anon. I’m fine thank you. I am currently sitting in front of my laptop smiling at your message and wondering who you are. :) How’s your day going?

Useful po ba talaga yung henry's? Ang expensive po kase ehhh.

Oo. Sobra. Kung may hindi ka sure about sa isang topic, kay Henry’s ka magbabase. Expensive sya sobra pero magagamit mo talaga, kahit maging RMTs na tayo sabi nila importante pa rin na laging may Henry’s. :)

What is your favorite subject?

In school or in photography? :)

Anyway, I love Clinical Chemistry above all. I enjoy it a lot especially CC2 which is about Enzymology. I am also falling inlove with my CC3 which is about Endocrinology. I spend most of my time reading Bishop, and miraculously I want to know by heart what Henry has to say. CC Lab is also fun, the arrangement of manual test procedures is a real but fun challenge. :)

In photography, I think I want to engage myself in Nature Photography. I want to capture its beauty and tell the world that nature is so beautiful we have to take care every bit of it. My Nature photography means capturing majestic Landscapes and beautiful Macros. :)

What I did yesterday. What my mom and I did yesterday. :)

Tough job catching those flying creatures in our backyard, I’m glad my mom was a great photog assistant. Hehe. She carried my gears and had an umbrella with her so we wouldn’t get our skins burned. We explored our backyard and spent all afternoon hunting for bugs and flies. She never left me even if the sun was burning high up, she waited for me to finish, even watched me post process my photos. Hihi. 

Anyway, I used my Canon 1100D and my 18-55mm kitlens with a set of extension tubes. I used high ISO on most of the photos. I used flash on the first two photos.

Hoping for a better school year. Yosh!

Our classes started weeks ago. I was so busy adjusting with my new sched so I wasn’t able to open and update my social media shiz, anyway, I started off cleaning my boarding house because it was messy as hell, lol. The ceiling was fixed and the whole room got repainted. I was more than happy to see my newly repaired room even tho it means I need to put everything in place again. The room looks more conducive for studying now. I rearranged the shelves and tables. I decided that I’ll go as far as I can from the bed. Hehe

Been going to school since May 26 which for me is a good thing because it means we’ll end this semester earlier than anyone else. I decided to finally get myself a decent notebook and a highlighter because I am a terrible student, I am no good in taking down notes and stuffs. Lol. I made up my mind that this semester will be an awesome one.

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"Rose of Althea"
Hibiscus syriacus

Had fun shooting flowers yesterday. Hihi. I asked mom to grow more flowers in our backyard so we’d both enjoy it. Also, it’ll attract more bugs and butterflies. Hihi. 

I am an incoming 3rd year medtech student. Should I buy Henry's? It costs too much. I am kinda out of cash. :(

You should. Even if you can’t. :( It costs a lot but it’s worth it, you need it, every medtech student needs it. Try looking for 2ndhand books. Downloading an ebook is also an option but I don’t recommend it. Henry’s consists thousand pages, it’s difficult to navigate if you’re just using an ebook.